Where Is it 420 Right Now in the World

Where Is it 420 Right Now in the World

Many people are often curious – where is it 420 in the world right now?

Where is it 4:20 right now in the world?

Its 4:20 somewhere in the world right now and this site tells you exactly where. But first, it is important to understand what you are asking: Where is it 420? and What is 420?

What is 420?

420 is the universal number for the marijuana culture. It is celebrated globally (predominantly in the U.S) on April 20. However, across the world there are many people who celebrate this special number daily at 4.20pm.
The cannabis culture widely and proudly celebrates 420 by smoking or consuming marijuana.

Is it really always 420 somewhere in the world?

The answer is no, its not. Time zones are based in hours not minutes.

Timezones use the same minute, with the only exceptions being a few countries that are ahead by half an hour and the rest of the world being behind by half an hour. It is not possible for it to consistently be 4:20 every half hour. So, realistically, the answer is: No, not always. Rather, it is 4:20 somewhere once every hour.

However, in the cannabis culture this is a different story. With marijuana being such a strong presence in many peoples lives across the world, it is certainly likely and within the realm of possibility that at every moment of a day there is somebody in the world celebrating/consuming cannabis. So if you consider it from that perspective, then yes, it is always 420 somewhere in the world.